domenica 12 giugno 2016

Dbmm Turin 2016

In June  my club ("La piccola armata") organized the annual Dbmm tournement. I was not one of the partecipant but I took some pictures.

I want point out that I've not painted the miniatures showed in the following photos. All miniatures are masterpiece of the Dbmm partecipants.

All the tournement details (ie rank, players, armies) can be find at the following address:>>

The pictures  are  details of the armies deployed during the game. 

War of the roses and Tudor painted by Marco D. 


Ancient British painted by Riccardo M.


French Ordonnance




Swiss Army and Italian Condotta


A couple of pictures of the battle between Italian Condotta and Ottomans.
At the end of the match the Ottomans took the Italian camp


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