sabato 28 dicembre 2019

SAGA - La Piccola Armata tournament - Dec, 21 2019

Last week end my club mates organized and played a SAGA 2.0 tournament. The participants to this event were 10 and they played for all the day. Below some of them during the first phase of the game

They deployed a lot of different armies: Jomsviking (Eugenio), Normans (Antonio), Umayyads (Falvio), Huns (Aurelian), Welsh (Alberto), Later Romans (Enzo), Irish (Riccardo and Giancarlo) and Vikings (Bartolomeo and Paolo)

Below some pics of the various armies took part of the battles

The tournament is organized by Riccardo and divided in three rounds

At the end the winner was Eugenio with his Jomsviking ... below a photo of him with his battle helm

but my friends have decided to give away a box of Gripping Beast miniatures to be awarded with a draw among all the participants ... this time the winner was Antonio

At the end it was a funny day for all respecting the typical wargamers tradition ... see you nex time.

3 commenti:

  1. Ah! Looking great Marco! All best in 2020 for You and club!

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