venerdì 15 maggio 2020

News from the front Covid-19: how my club's mate use their brushes

Waiting to receive news from our Authorities to open again the club, my club mates have not forget how to use a brush

Below some command groups painted by our professional painter Aurelian ... Philiph King of France and Richard the Lionheard

And his commanders for his Scots Army

Alberto prepared some new Russian battalions 

On contrary Nevio and Alberto M decided to paint some old ACW miniatures

domenica 10 maggio 2020

News from the front Covid-19: remembers

My club continue to be closed for the pandemic that hit significative Italy ... so this time only some pics of old games we played time ago.

Musket and Tomahawks

Lion Rampant 


Black Powder

domenica 19 aprile 2020

News from the front Covid-19: my club mates creations

This is not a very happy period and the forced quarantine does not help but I must admit that this situation is not able to to stop my mates' imagination

Maurizio is working on new Capt America tank

Ezio ... waiting for the end of this quarantine ... is working on new fleets ready to test the new Warlord's game: "Victory at sea"

Flavio and Luca work on the scenic elements

Antonio and Aurelian work on their Japan inspirations

Each of us is facing this pandemic in a different way and I'm sure that ... when it will be over ... we will be able to play new battles on our club but all of us cannot forget other club mates, as Enzo, that are still working in the hospital 

domenica 5 aprile 2020

News from the front Covid-19: Black powder Anglo-Spanish vs French troops

In these periods when we are forced to the isolation, I hope you will allow me to abandon myself to some memories

Below there are some pictures of a game played before Covid 19 in my association (La Piccola Armata) 

Miniatures are in 28mm and painted (100% Anglo-Spanish) by Flavio while French are (99%) painted by Flavio ...  and few units by me.

The game is an hypothetical battle in Spain during the peninsular wars (1809) ... some details of the Spanish troops

... now some French troops 

and some moments of the fighting ...

... waiting for new battles to play together again

giovedì 26 marzo 2020

News from the front Covid-19: Aurelian's SAGA new army

A lot of my club mates are using these days of quarantine to complete their armies ... as for example Aurelian. 

He is a professional  painter of miniatures and generally he work by commission for his customers but ... this time he completed his own army.

The army he painted to play is a Polish one for SAGA ... He painted a new war wagon and all the shields are hand made but ... A special mention for one of this shield

He decided to "remember" this scourge and these hard times every times he played with his army. The inscriptions on the shield is: year domini 2020 COVID while in the strip, in the middle of the piece, there are some dancing deaths (to remember the plague as was represented in the past).

The effect for his troops is this one

He painted also a new war wagon 

I'm waiting to see this new pieces "working" on a SAGA scenario

domenica 22 marzo 2020

News from the front Covid-19... some pics of Bolt Action miniatures

Also this week our club is closed and ... unfortunately .. the number of infected in Italy is increasing but I decided to post every week some pics of miniatures painted by my friends.

This time the photos I post are related to one of the latest game played in my club using Bolt Action ... I hope that someone would appreciate them.

Some pics of the winter Germans painted by Maurizio

Some English soldiers and their vehicles painted by Nevio

The sniper team painted by Antonio

... and some pics of Giancarlo's Commonwealth troops involved in a strange scenario ...

... Serg ... are you sure we are in the right place? ... I trust my Officer!

... it is cold ... Are you sure we are in Birmania?

... Who want a wolf skin??