venerdì 2 agosto 2019

Saltanovka Battle or Bataille de Mogilev (1812) – Black powder July 27, 2019

Last Saturday my club mates played a scenario included into the supplement “A clash of Eagles”: the battle of Saltanovka.

It was a battle between Russian and French troops fought during the 1812 invasion of Russia.

It is a multiplayer scenario that involved seven of our members and friends.
Below an imagine of the table prepared by Ezio with the French troops just deployed and ready for the battle

But every battle has to have his protagonists … so the French commanders ...

and their avversaries ... the Russian noblemen

... but now we have to come back to the real subject of this post ... the battle
A detail of the 85th Line infantry that covers the French left wing

… while on the right the 108th and the 61st Line infantry controls the village of Fatova

The 26th Russian division of Paskervich moves onto the battlefield …

… and after some minutes the 12th division arrives too

The French’s reply did not await

So the Russian CiC, General-lieutenant Nikolay Raeyvsky, is forced to explain again to his sub commanders the strategy: “Go straight and break them!!”

… for 4 turns Russians try to enter into the village of Saltanovka and force a part of the 85th to break

On the French right wing the Russian movement is slower but at the end of the 5th turn they arrive close to the bridge

At the halftime the arrive of the reinforcements help French to block a potential breakthrough at the right of Saltanovka village

The Russian 26th division arrives at the rivers engaging the 61st de ligne

After 6 turns of hard fighting the situation on the table is below

French commanders decide to split the Cuirassier Division “Valence” between the village of Fatova

and Satlanovka

while the battery of cannons are continuing to hammer the Russian lines

On contrary the Russian commanders decided to launch their entire reverse of cavalry at the conquest of Fatova

At the end of 10th turn the Russian tide permits them to cross the bridge of Saltanovka

And the river near to Fatova village

Even if the French troops continue to have the control of both villages

Below a rare photo of exultant Russian commanders

sabato 27 luglio 2019

Mersa Brega battle (March, 21, 1941) – Bolt Action June 22, 2019

Some weeks ago, Antonio and Luca organized a Bolt action game using a scenario included into “Western Desert Campaign”. The scenario they choose was the battle of Mersa Brega and they played it with 20mm miniatures
Below an overview of the battle field before the fighting…

… photo taken by an Italian plane during his patrol tour

Mersa Brega was a WWII battle fought in 1941 during the opening phase of Rommel’s first offensive.
Rommel was often on the front line during the battles and for this battle he decided to observe the DAK’s advance

The AfriKa Korps main objective

Germans decided for a preliminary bombardment

Unfortunately with few results ...

... so the Africa Korps had to enter

In the real history, the Afrika Korps expelled the British from their positions at Marsa Brega opening the Rommel’s way to the encirclement of Tobruk.
In this scenario my friends played the English troops resisted so it was an Allied victory.

sabato 20 luglio 2019

Napoleonic wars – June/July 2019

After a long period of preparation …

… under the continuous Ezio's and Luciano's supervision

... in the last months my club mates played several matches using Black  Powder rule systems.

All miniatures are 15mm and they are painted by the “La Piccola Armata” wargame club memebers. With them my friends prepared several tables and scenarios as …

… Belgian and English troops involved in the 100 days campaign and …

… other English troops that fight against French units in the Peninsular wars … and …

… a column of Austrians that is marching against Belgian battalions … and …

… other Austrians that is trying to break the Rhine confederation troops … and ...

… Prussians against French … and …

… and English battalions with their Allies against Napoleon’s troops.

But every battle must have his heroes as …
 …this unit of Von Zastrow cuirassiers that, after a victorious charge against an enemy battery, crush on the side an infantry battalion …

… or Belgian unit that is trying to resist against a French columns and his allies