giovedì 26 marzo 2020

News from the front Covid-19: Aurelian's SAGA new army

A lot of my club mates are using these days of quarantine to complete their armies ... as for example Aurelian. 

He is a professional  painter of miniatures and generally he work by commission for his customers but ... this time he completed his own army.

The army he painted to play is a Polish one for SAGA ... He painted a new war wagon and all the shields are hand made but ... A special mention for one of this shield

He decided to "remember" this scourge and these hard times every times he played with his army. The inscriptions on the shield is: year domini 2020 COVID while in the strip, in the middle of the piece, there are some dancing deaths (to remember the plague as was represented in the past).

The effect for his troops is this one

He painted also a new war wagon 

I'm waiting to see this new pieces "working" on a SAGA scenario

domenica 22 marzo 2020

News from the front Covid-19... some pics of Bolt Action miniatures

Also this week our club is closed and ... unfortunately .. the number of infected in Italy is increasing but I decided to post every week some pics of miniatures painted by my friends.

This time the photos I post are related to one of the latest game played in my club using Bolt Action ... I hope that someone would appreciate them.

Some pics of the winter Germans painted by Maurizio

Some English soldiers and their vehicles painted by Nevio

The sniper team painted by Antonio

... and some pics of Giancarlo's Commonwealth troops involved in a strange scenario ...

... Serg ... are you sure we are in the right place? ... I trust my Officer!

... it is cold ... Are you sure we are in Birmania?

... Who want a wolf skin??

mercoledì 18 marzo 2020

A wargame club during a Covid-19

In the last weeks my club is closed for the Covid-19 pandemic. 

It is a strange period and very hard for all. During week ends ... the days in which usually I'm with my mates ... we are forced to keep at home ... but my club is not only a group of enthusiastic wargamers ... is bunch of friends and so we are preparing for the future

Some week ago I posted some pics of our painter Aurelian about some knights  ...

... his work it was a kind of inspiration for some of other club members this week end ...
for example this is the Maurizio's version for the Crusades

 ... with his commander Baliano of Ibelin

Aurelian's miniatures inspired also Andrea, one of our latest club member, with a new Teutonic army

But every army must have his enemies and Antonio prepared them

sabato 7 marzo 2020

War Wagon and 3rd Crusader Knights - The corner of the painter

Due to coronavirus, last week our club was closed so some of my club mates used these days to paint new miniatures. One of them is Aurelian that prepared a new war wagon and some knights for 3rd Crusader in these days. He is a professional painter (#aurelianpaintingstudio) and seeing the pics below it is easy to understand his skills

The war wagon was a one of early fighting vehicle that involved a wagon ... like a kind of primitive tank. This kind of military vehicles was developed by the rebelling forces in Bohemia during the Hussite war around 1450

It was a heavy wagon given protective sides with firing slits and heavy firepower from either a cannon or a force of hand-gunners, archers and crossbowmen, supported by infantry using spears, pikes and flails.

My friends decided a crew of an archer and a infantry man with pike

After the Hussite wars, they stayed in usage as the special tactical weapon of Bohemian mercenaries which prevailed against knights or foot soldiers. Its successful history came to an end, at least for large scale engagements, with the development of field-piece artillery.

After preparing the wagon he continued with some knights. The level of details he reached is one of the best I saw in the last times.

The heraldry for each knights is studied and historically accurate. If you someone would interested to try to paint these soldier below there is a very interesting link:

sabato 29 febbraio 2020

Milano wargame 2020 - Feb, 23 2020

This year ... after a lot of editions in which we took part to the exhibition ... my club decided not to present a table but Ezio, Marco, Riccardo and me decided to go in every way.

This time I cannot show pics of a "La Piccola Armata" scenario but I can share some photos of the other tables

Massimo Torriani's ww2 table

Luxlu with his Admiral rule system

Impetus prepared by the club "Circolo di Pietra"

The large table of Napoleonic' wars scenario prepared by the cenomani with their rule system "En avant marche!"

venerdì 21 febbraio 2020

Flames of war - Feb, 8 2020

One of things I appreciate more in my club is that my mates play different games every months ... I'm sure that in every wargames clubs there are some system rules that are most popular than other but to change sometimes is good for me. So this time Ezio and Riccardo decided for a match of Flames of war.

Miniatures are 15mm and they are painted by Riccardo (German forces) and Ezio (English troops and tanks).

As usual my post is not a battle report but only a way to share with other lovers of our hobby some pics

Below a photo of the battlefield …

… and some details of Ezio’s army

A battalion of Sherman and another one of M10 …

… ready to destroy a German tank group

To conclude … a German HQ completely surrounded by English troops