venerdì 14 aprile 2017

Modern armies – Modern Russian Federals March 2017

To paint modern the Russian army it was not easy for two reasons:
- I had an old Italeri box perfect for Afghanistan wars but, of course, not for modern period
- The Russian army has an official uniform but in the last wars (Chechnya and Crimea) they used different type of mimetic uniforms
So I painted them with a soft camouflage scheme

For some miniatures I decided for a simple yellow-green without mimetic scheme

For others only green shades

The Russian Army was born in 1992 after the fall of the Soviet “Empire” and in the last years was involved (officially or not) in different conflicts: Chechnya, South Ossetia, Crimea
Below a company that is walking on a snowing road covered by an APC

Another unit in a different scenario

Using the miniatures of an Orion box and some mortars I painted two groups

Below two snipers

I bought also a Zvelda box with a soviet machine gun NSV 12,7. It is an heavy machine gun with an effective fire range between 1,5 – 2 kilometers

martedì 11 aprile 2017

Bolt Action Pacific theatre US vs Jap – April, 8 2017

Last week, Riccardo and Ivano organized another bolt action battle with their 28mm miniatures using the table prepared by Ezio.

The match is easy: some USMC companies against a Japanese garrison. The USMC must occupy three buildings  and/or kill some enemies officials.

The USMC are taking position supported by a group of American pioneers

An American first lieutenant observes the movements of his men.

The Americans are close to their objects …

… but Japanese garrison is ready

On the left a company of Japanese marines are coming up behind the USCM forces …

… but the Americans are quick to react

A company of marines reaches his obj but Japanese resistance is strong

On the other side of the building, Japanese troops attack the enemy and push back them

Unfortunately also the first USCM company is attacked and defeated. The fight ends with a one to one struggle between the two captains

The battle ended with a Japanese victory.

Below some pictures of other battle moments

domenica 9 aprile 2017

Modern armies – IDF Feb 2017

The second army that I painted for my children was the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).
It was not very hard to paint them because their uniforms are easy: no mimetic, only a green-olive.

The IDF was created on May, 26 1948 and he participated in many military operations. The number of wars and border conflicts in which the IDF has been involved in its short history makes it one of the most battle-trained armed forces in the world.
Below some photos of real IDF actions and photo of my miniatures. The IDF troopers use different kind of rifles: M4, TAR21 and X95

(copyright wikipedia)

The box of miniatures that I bought included also a TAR21 modified for urban scenario

Another photo of an urban scenario with a Merkava tank in the landscape

Some miniatures wear the Mitznefet. A strange camouflage that is considered effective in breaking up the outline of the head.

I converted a French soldier that carries a mini-gun using the backpack of another IDF soldier that I haven’t painted because in the box no one uses this kind of rifle

Israel is one of only a few nations that conscript women or deploy them in combat roles as it is possible to see in the photo below

Finally some snipers painted with their typical helmet

domenica 2 aprile 2017

Roman Emperors - Dec 2016

Last year I painted a Roman command group that I bought from A&A Miniatures but I remembered only today to post some pictures of them.

This is the miniature of a Roman Emperor that could be Lucius Domitius Aurelianus Augustus (ie Aurelian).

He was Emperor for a brief period (from 270 to 275) but during these years, he restored the Empire conquering the Palmyrene and the Gallic Empire. For this reason, he earned the title of Restitutor Orbis (Restorer of the world) even if during his military career he was known as manum ad ferrum  for his severity.
Below Aurelian that is reviewing his troops

The command group includes also another Emperor

I was inspired to paint him by Richard Hood’s illustration that shows the Emperor Maxentius …

(Copyright Richard Hood)
… and by the collection of symbols used by Roman Emperors to indicate their rank that I found in internet

Even if the real Maxentius’ insignia imperii (the imperial insignia) were discovered in 2005 in Rome and it was a bit different. Below the link to a good article that gives information about them.
Also Maxentius was Emperor for a short period (from 306 to 312) but I was known for the defeat of Milvian Bridge and his not very glorious dead in the Tiber river.
Below some images with his troops.