lunedì 14 maggio 2018

WWII German Army 1/72 part one

I spent the last months painting miniatures in 20mm scale to complete a WwII German army for Bolt action.

Miniatures are a mix of Italeri, Orion, Zvezda, Preiser and Caesar Miniatures while tanks are plastic soldier and Mondadori models.

Last Saturday I went to my Wargame Club (La Piccola Armata - Turin) to take some pictures of the miniatures I painted.

I want thanks for the photos below:
- Ivano that gifted me a lot of Zvezda and Preiser miniatures. Models that I did not know and that I have to admit are very detailed ones   
- Ezio that prepared the scenario
- Luca and Alberto F.  that lent me their splendid houses: Luca the Italian ones and Alberto the Normandy buildings
- Maurizio that prepared for me all tanks. Models for which I painted only some details (tracks, wheels and so on)

... but now the photos

Some men of the Ramcke division somewhere in Italy before their departure for Africa

The Sd.Kfz. 231 8 rad in the background is Mondadori model re-painted ... his original aspect was this ...

I'm sure that his new colors are better

A Stug IV and some soldiers that are resting

Some German soldiers hit by the enemy artillery in a Normandy road and ... 

... others  that are hiding in a crop field

A German column in Normandy

A Pak 40 crew that is preparing a surprise to an American tank and ... 

... their English colleages that are working for a reply (the background tank is painted by Alberto F.)

Some volksgrenadiers and Green devils near to a destroyed tank

Other green devils under the artillery fire

venerdì 11 maggio 2018

Black Powder/Peter Dennis – Battle of Freeman’s Farms May 5, 2018

Last Saturday the “paperagazzi” played another battle using the miniatures drawn by Peter Dennis. This time they have decided to play the battle of Freeman’s Farm fought on Sept 19, 1777 between the English and the American forces.

This battle was part of the First Saratoga and it was a tactical victory of the British General John Burgoyne. Unfortunately, this success was totally erased by the American’s attack during the battle of Bemis Heights.

Ezio prepared the table and he adapted a scenario included into Black Powder base rule book.

Marco G., Antonio and Alberto had the control of the American troops while Ezio and Bartolomeo lead the British forces.

Ezio prepared also some simple schemes to recap the different phases of the battle

 British brigades arrive on the field and …

… they cross the little stream


Now it is time for the Americans to arrive and …

… they deploy their lines in front of the farm

The English troops open fire and the first casualties arrives


At the center of the field the struggle becomes ferocious and the American left wing withdraw


The English attack the rebel line on the flank but …

… the Americans resist

mercoledì 9 maggio 2018

SAGA 2.0 - March/April 2018

In the last months my club mates organized every week a battles using SAGA. They decided to play with this miniatures rule system after the publication of the second edition.

Battles are single struggles between two opponents and so I cannot prepare a real battle report, but SAGA is a very versatile rule system that permit interesting scenarios and little vignettes

Below some pictures of the battles

A Norman Command Group painted by Maurizio and Flavio

Riccardo’s Byzantine army

Maurizio’s command Vikings command group

Riccardo’s Teutonic and Russ test miniatures

Maurizio’s berserkers and the Viking lord

Giancarlo’s miniatures in action

Flavio’s hero chased by a group of hounds

Maurizio’s idea of the Valkyries

domenica 22 aprile 2018

Black Powder/Peter Dennis – Battle of Guilford Court House April 7 and 14, 2018

During the last two Saturdays Ezio and Alberto have decided to play the Battle of Guildford Court House using Black Powder rules. This battle was fought during the American Revolutionary war between the American and the British forces
It is not unusual that in the Club we play this period … we have a certain quantity of miniatures … but it is not usual that we play with these soldiers …

They are the “paper soldiers” created by Peter Dennis. Some months ago, Ezio and Alberto started their “cut and paste” work to be able to prepare the table below
The Revolutionary forces and …

… the troops of His Majesty
The battle of Guildford Court House was fought on March 15, 1781 between a 2,100 man British force under the command of Lieutenant General Charles Cornwallis and Major General Nathanael Greene’s 4,000 Americans
I've tryed in the lines below to write a kind of battle report

The British regiments that are arriving on the field …

… and then they take position

The English commanders, Webster and Leslie, start their attack and …

… the revolutionary troops are forced to move back into the wood

On the flanks, the American skirmishers try to slow down the advance but …

... the Royal cavalry contrasting them

The American Commander decided to launch two brigades into the struggle

But the British troops hold the line even if Americans try to attack them on the flank

At the end the Royal Army win the battle

Also in the real history Guilford Court House was a British victory but they lost around the 27% of the total strength and so they were forced to retreat giving the possibility to the Americans to regain the control of the south