martedì 21 marzo 2017

Alligator Creek – Bolt Action – March, 18 2017

Last Saturday my club members played a Bolt Action scenario related to a battle between the Imperial Japanese Army and the US troops that was fought on the Guadalcanal island.
This scenario is included into the supplement “Empires in flames” and it is part of the WWII Pacific campaign.

The battle was an assault of the Ichiki Japanese regiment against US Marines. Underestimating the strength of American  forces on Guadalcanal, Ichiki's unit conducted a nighttime frontal assault on Marine positions at Alligator Creek. Japaneese’s assault was defeated with heavy losses for the attackers. The Marine units counterattacked Ichiki's surviving troops after daybreak, killing many more of them. All but 128 of the original 917 of the Ichiki Regiment's First Element were killed in the battle.

I want point out that:
-          the field was prepared by Ezio
-          USMC are painted by Ivano
-          and Japanese forces by Riccardo

Below a couple of maps of the Guadalcanal campaign and a detail of Alligator creek section. In the Map B it is possible to see where Ichiki regiment was deployed during the Allies landing (near Lunga point)

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An overview of the scenario with images of the real battlefield

The American trenches and the initial Japanese bombardment

The Japanese start their assault

Two Japanese assault waves …

… and the Marines that will push back the enemies.

La Piccola Armata – March 2017 activites

To be part of a Wargame Club it means to meet new persons and to do scenario/battles that alone it is not possible to recreate.

After to find the new location, "La Piccola Armata" started to be the center of many activities again. With different group of persons that cultivate their passions for the world of the miniatures.

At the moment, we play two/three times for week and, having more tables, we can play more scenarios/games in the same time.

Below, I posted some photos of the last month. I have to point out that no miniatures are painted by me … all miniatures, scenarios, ideas and so on are prepared by other club members.

A typical Thursday night

Italian Independence wars on two tables and Bolt Action scenario on other two

Some club members prepare HaT houses for 20mm …

… and other-one paint WWII Russians in 28mm

Somebody else plays a new scenario for Bolt Action …

... other-ones recreate a Zulu village

Considering that La Piccola restarted his activities at the end of Jan 2017 I think that it is a great START.

lunedì 13 marzo 2017

Modern warfare - Work In Progress part 1 - Jan/Feb 2016

At the beginning of the year, one of my sons asked me to paint modern troops. I'm not a great expert of modern warfare but I couldn't reply him in a negative way.

So … I remembered that, when I was 15 years old, my father bought for me a couple of Esci and Atlantic 1/72 soldier boxes. The 20mm is not my preferred scale for miniatures but they are cheap. I'm not sure in which way I’ll use the Atlantic miniatures because they have not the right scale but, even if the Esci box is old, miniatures are good. Unfortunately the Esci box contains Russian spetsnaz suitable for the Afghanistan wars … not exactly modern … but it is a point to start.

I tried to find a standard Russian mimetic uniform watching youtube video of Crimea and Cecenia wars but it is a bit hard to find it. So I decided for a soft mix and in the meanwhile I’ve bought a box of Orion modern federal Russians.

The uniforms and the equipments of these soldiers are correct for Afghanistan wars but not perfect for a modern Russian trooper. Obviously also the colors are not correct 

At Milano Wargame I bought some Caesar 1/72 soldier boxes.
Below some pictures of my SDF test

SDF uniform are easy because it is sufficient to work on different shades of green.

Caesar sells also a strange box with Chinese and French troops. Below some pictures of French Légion étrangère.

Unfortunately the box contains only 4 different poses so I’ve tried to paint them in different way. French mimetic are similar to the uniforms used by the Legion in Mali

Latest test is to paint US modern troops. In this case, it is easier to find the right mimetic. At the moment the US uses a "woodland uniform" called MARPAT. 

Copyright Volstad
It is difficult to recreate it in 20mm because the mimetic design is composed by small pixels but the effect is acceptable.

Curtatone battle playtest – March 2017

Last week we played another “Garibaldi all’attacco!” playtest. 

The battle we recreated was a small struggle of the First Italian independence war.
Curtatone is a little village in the north Italy and, during 1859, it was invested by the Austrian attack that will be concluded with the battle of Goito a couple days later. Curtatone and Montanara battles (another village near Curtatone) were fought between the regular Austrian forces and a beginning of the Italian army. The Piedmontese troops that took part of the battle were mainly composed by Tuscan and Neapolitan volunteers.

The battle was quick (only 10 turns) in a narrow scenario with a lot of linear obstacles.

Initial deployment

The red shirts on the center are the Tuscan volunteers. In the real battle the Austrians deployed 8,500 men plus 24 cannons against 2,500 Italians and 2 cannons.

The first Austrian assault pushed back by the voluntaries

The Austrians continue with their assault and, in the meanwhile, another unit tries to outflank the Italians

The Austrians break the Italian line but it is too late. The Italians continue to keep the control of the village.

In the real battle the Italian volunteers kept the line against three Austrian attacks before to fall back to Goito. 

This battle was a very marginal episode of the war but, for the Italians of that period, was significant and was used many times for propagandist purposes.