sabato 10 ottobre 2020

Colonial wars - Oct 3, 2020 TMWWBK

The colonial wars are one of periods that have seen a great development over the last few years by wargame lovers. Some rule systems,  for example Black Powder and The Men Who Would Be Kings, allow to play fast and with few miniatures epic battles in a Egyptian deserts or in a tropical jungle.

Last week my club mates played some matches using two different scenarios.

A first fight was set during the Mahdist wars … one of the scenario I prefer. It is impossible do not remember Gordon’s epopea 

... Charles Gordon, a gifted English officer, who was nominated Governor of the Sudan. His try to keep Karthoum is legendary and his death was romanticised in a popular painting by George William Joy: General Gordon’s Last Stand.

My friends did not play the Karthoum's siege but a field battle in a sandy Egypt desert. All miniatures are 28mm and painted by Ivano.

The second-one scenario was a border clash between German troops and local tribes

Also this time miniatures are 28mm. Germans are painted by Ivano while the locals by Giancarlo

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