sabato 28 novembre 2020

Aurelian's Punic Army - SAGA

 SAGA - Age of Hannibal is just published by Studio Tomahawk and our club is prepared.

Considering the good result of the dark age version in my club ... a group of my club mates are preparing miniatures for the future battles. But this time I have to admit that our news herald is Aurelian.

He prepared many miniatures and is still working on ... unfortunately the new Covid measures forced us to close again the club. Below there some pics I took before the temporary closing of our activities.

He painted two war elephants. This is one of them ... on the battle field

He prepared also some Punic troops and ...

... and the command group

domenica 22 novembre 2020

Test scenario: Italo-German forces vs English troops - Bolt Action October 24, 2020

In October, before Covid forced us to close again the club, we hosted some people who wanted to play a trial game using Bolt Action rules.

Antonio prepared for them a table and easy scenario ... the target was easy ... to take the control of San Antonio's statue

Antonio used his British troops helped by Stefano ... below some of their men and ...

... the artillery observer.

Danilo and Dario with their Italians and Germans were on the other side

A funny game that we hope to repeat at soon as we will open again the club and that saw a UK victory ... 

sabato 14 novembre 2020

SAGA maxi scenario - Oct 10, 2020

SAGA continues to be one of the most played games in my club. Last week end my mates played a maxi scenario that involved four players and a lot of miniatures

Some pics of the Aurelian's Polish-Lituan forces that fought to defend their village

But my friends do not forget also the "standard" scenarios

Some pics of Giancarlo's Irish command group ...

... and his enemy ... Riccardo's crusaders leader