domenica 23 novembre 2014

Gioca Torino 2014

Thanks to my club I was involved into  GT 2014 an annual event in which it is possible to find wargame, role plays and so on.

My club prepared three tables:
- one dedicated to board games
- and other two for classic 3D wargames

The main table was prepared for Gripping Beast Saga: Scots against Vikings

... all miniatures on the tables, as well as trees, houses and ship were painted by other club's members. I'm preparing a Vikings force for Saga but this is another story ...


The other tables were prepared for paper simulation of Montebello battle ...

and for boardgame

 It was a funny day with a lot of babies and persons


In the last months I was very busy for my work and so I used this event to paint some miniatures

Finally a pictures of all protagonists of the second day