giovedì 31 dicembre 2015

Mid - Imperial Roman Army - a first look

Even if I finished them in September i have only now the moment to post a couple of photos of my Trajan Romans.

The table and the scenario are not the best possible but my club is still loking for a new location and so I was forced to use my home table.

The army is a mix of A&A and Warlord 28mm miniatures and it is composed by 10 cohorts, artillery, 2 auxiliary alee, archers and cavalry (light and heavy). 

I deployed them in triplex acies with cavalry and auxiliaries as the wings

I took some picts to the cohorts and their command groups

Archers are a mix of western and eastern men

In the future I'll increase the artillery probably with a couple of new scorpions but for the moment I think that it is sufficient ... (in particular my wife!)

The skirmish units are Balearic slingers even if I painted them with late imperial color schemes ... I'm sorry but the warlord miniatures are very nice and considering that my next project is a late imperial army I could not resist. 

Finally a mix of photos with a part of high commands

domenica 20 dicembre 2015

L'Italia s'è desta - Battle report "Defense" July 2-9

May 1859 – Italy. An Austrian division is attacking an Italian/Sardinian position. The Austrian battle order is typical: two brigades, a tactical reserve and artillery. At the beginning of the battle the Italians has two small detachments and they have a position to defend. 

Rule system:
L'Italia s'è desta! Created by Paolo M.

All miniatures are 28mm and are painted by Alberto M., Paolo M., Franco B., Franco Bel.

Battle orders
Austrian Army [20 units + 1 HQ]
 1st Brigade: 7 units [including: 1 jager (hunter, elite +1), 1 grenadier (elite +1), 1 command and a field artillery]
 2nd Brigade 7 units [including: 1 jager (hunter, elite +1), 1 grenadier (elite +1), 1 command and a field artillery]
Reserve detachment 4 units [2 infantry, 1 field artillery, 1 command]
Independent detachment 2 units [1 cavalry (independent) and 1 corps artillery]
Head Quarter [1 unit]

Sardinian Army  [19 units + 1 HQ]
1st Detachment: 5 units [including: 1 bersaglieri (hunter, training +2) and 1 command
2nd Detachment: 5 units [including: 1 field artillery and 1 command]
1st Brigade: 8 units [including: 1 field artillery and 1 command]
Independent detachment 1 units [1 cavalry (independent)]
Head Quarter [1 unit]

Initial deployment
Sardinian forces: they deploy the units for first but they move after the Austrian army.
During the first round only the 1st and the 2nd detachment are on the field [Sector 2]
The HQ will enter at the beginning of 3rd round [Sector 1]
The brigade deploy at the 6th round [Sector 1]

Austrian forces: they deploy their units after Sardinian forces but move for first.
At the beginnings of the battle Austrian have on the table all the units but they have to line up their forces in the sector 3.
The independent detachment will enter at the 6th round [Sector 3]

Set up
15 turns. The Austrians move for first
Victory conditions
The army that destroys 7 units of the enemy wins
The Austrians has to throw out Sardinian forces from Sector 2.

Battle report

Phase 1

The Austrians start moving their forces towards the houses on their right flank while Sardinians try to defend the position in the centre

 Phase 2

After a couple of turns the Austrian’s attack is concentrated on the houses

Defended by a group of Jager, the 2nd Austrian brigades assaults the houses. Meanwhile the cavalry try to outflank the enemy units

In the centre the situation remains substantially steady

Phase 3

At the 6th round Sardinian reinforces arrive but it is too late

The 2nd Austrian brigades takes the houses while the cavalry arrives at the backs of the Sardinians positions. The 2nd Italian detachment is completely destroyed … The Austrians win.