lunedì 15 aprile 2019

The corner of the painter - Euroma 2019 painting competition

As I told more times I very proud to be part of a wargame club as "La Piccola Armata" because in the association you can find people that can help you to improve your painting skills and your historic knowledge.

I have to admit that I'm not a great wargame players because I have few time to dedicate to my hobby during week end but I try to paint every times I can.
In these years many people gave me advises to improve my painting abilities ... I remain an amatour painter indeed ... but I'm sure that without the friendship of Aurelian, Ezio, Flavio, Giancarlo, Ivano, Luca, Maurizio, Marco, Paolo, Riccardo and other club mates I'd have never reached the basic painting level I have.

Please note that I listed the names in alphabetic order and I hope not to forget someone ... if I did ... I'm sorry.

This very long and unusual speech only to tell that I’m very happy to write this post because one of my friend, Aurelian, took place to EUROMA 2019 winning two silver medals and the special award Kimera Models

Below all miniatures that  permit him to win a Silver medal for "display painting competition" …

… some details of the Joker

Below the second group of miniatures that won the second silver and the special award

But he is a good painter also for client commission … both for fantasy/SCI miniatures and

... for ancient periods

domenica 14 aprile 2019

Rebels and Patriots - February 23, 2019

Last month my club mates tested the new Colonial rule system published by Osprey: “Rebels and Patriots”. It was a long wait because the rule book was announced a year ago but, in my opinion, the new Osprey idea seems a good mix between The Men Who Would Be Kings and Lion Rampant. My mates played two games using some scenarios of the rule book.

Rebels and Patriots includes different unit types: line, light, shock infantry; skirmishers; natives; artillery; light and shock cavalry and different levels of upgrade for them: veteran, green, good shooters and so on.
Below some examples of line infantry with the miniatures in 28 mm painted by Ezio, Flavio and Giancarlo

In "Rebels and Patriots"  you can give orders to your units obtaining a 6+ with the dice and this standard value can be modified. Orders are the standard list: move, attack, fire, close order, rally, skirmish

The ability to resist damage in not linked to troop types but depends on the defence and cover value

I think all thing considered, it is an enjoyable game system that can be utilized with good results not only for AWI but also for French-Indian Wars as the games played by my mates can confirm

lunedì 8 aprile 2019

Modena Play - April, 6 2019

Last Saturday some of my club mates participated to Modena Play. An Italian exhibition for miniatures and role plays.

Below some imagines of  the tables organized for Games workshop "Lord of the rings"


During the event were organized two SAGA 2.0 tournament: one for dark age armies and another one dedicated to Crusades amy lists

Below some photos taken by one of my friend during the game

After a long day my two mates, Aurelian and Ricciardo, won both tournaments. 
All the participants and my two friends

martedì 2 aprile 2019

Milano Wargame 2018 – Feb 24, 2019

Also this year my club (La Piccola Armata) took part to Milano wargame. It is an Italian exhibition in which you can meet other wargame clubs that show their creations and some miniature manufacturers/dealers.

We presented a scenario inspired to Italian Independece wars using the rule system wrote by our club mate Paolo Montinaro: "Garibaldi, all'attacco!" (Chillemi edition).

Our scenario takes place in November 1860 with Garibaldi and the Piedmontese army that advance together to conquer the last stronghold of Kingdom of the two Sicilies: Gaeta. In this hypothetical scenario a Bourbon contingent try to slow down the enemy movement near Scari.

As I did in all the other editions I took photos of the tables prepared by other clubs. Below some imagines

Two scenarios prepared by Massimo Torriani.

A fantasy scenario created by Grande Armée and La Brocca Rotta using Kings of War rules

Some pictures of the Zulu wars scenario prepared by our friends of Garibaldi Club …

A Napolenic scenario created by I Cenomani using 15mm and En Avant Marche! Rule system

Some miniatures of Italian wars painted by Ares

Finally some miniatures painted and prepared by an Italian manufactures