sabato 30 dicembre 2017

TMWWBK – December, 23 2017

Before Christmas Ezio organized a battle using TMWWBK  and miniatures of the french indians wars. It is not the right period for this game system but he adapted a bit the rules and so they played a game.

We prepared a lot of miniatures for French-Indian wars and it will be a waste not to use them ... unfortunately I was on holiday that day so I couldn't play ... it will be for the next time.

The scenario was: Springs 1755, Ohio valley.  Bands of indians and their French allies continue raids against American villages and the troops of his Majesty have to defend them.

Miniatures are 28mm and are painted  by: Ezio, Riccardo, Maurizio, Giancarlo, Flavio, Marco T. and Alberto M.
For the game they prepared: 8 French and Indians units (96 miniatures) and 10 English-Militia companies (120 miniatures).

Nine players played the game (4 for the Frenches and 5 for the Crown). The objects were simple: the indians had to burn (at least) five houses while the troops of the Crown had to avoid it. Below some pictures of the game and a kind of battle report

Local militia are ready for Indians marauders ...

... while Indians, with their French allies, are approaching

Indians spread into the village and militia is not able to defend all the houses ...

... but reinforcement are on the road

and the fight continues house to house 

My mates played the battle twice. The first time was an English victory while in the second one the Indians sack the village.

venerdì 29 dicembre 2017

Vikings vignette

In 8th century, the raid on Lindisfarne is considered the start of Vikings attacks against England. The monastery of Lindisfarne was founded by an Irish monk about two centuries before and it becomes one of the most important Christian settlement in the north east cost of England

"Vikings attack Lindisfarne" by Tom Lovel
Today only ruins remain of the old church.

So when  Riccardo showed me his latest creation for SAGA I could't avoid to take some pictures and create a little vignette. Miniatures are 28mm and are all painted by Riccardo another member of my wargame club (La Piccola Armata)

mercoledì 27 dicembre 2017

Ruinded city scenario ... work in progress

In the last months, Flavio and Maurizio worked hard to create building, ruins etc fit to recreate a ruined city.

They inspire their work to Berlin, Stalingrad and other cities that, during the Ww2, suffered significantly of the war.


Below some imagines of the buildings created by Flavio …

… and a sample of the others scenographic elements created by Maurizio

Last Saturday Maurizio completed the street lamps and so they decided to prepare a table to understand what they have to create further. I cannot resist to take some pictures.

In this weeks, I’m preparing some 1/72 Italeri miniatures dressed with winter uniforms, with the English column kindly borrowed me by Ezio, I took some pictures
Fightings house by house

The English column is approaching but …

… some German soldiers are wainting him

lunedì 18 dicembre 2017

Bolt Action - Sicilia 1943, Dec 9, 2017

Last Saturday, Ivano and Riccardo played a Bolt Action scenario from “Duel in the sun”. This supplement reports scenarios and rules for the African and Italian campaign and my club mates reproduced a fight between Commonwealth troops and Italians some days after Allies landing in Sicilia.

To play this game both Riccardo and Ivano started to paint miniatures weeks ago. This time I decided to include into the post not only some photos of the battle but also some imagines of their work in progress. Ivano and Riccardo are fine painters and their miniatures increase their valor on a good table but their work is very significant stand alone too.

Ivano painted Italians …

… while Riccardo works on UK elements

But now a look at the table before to summarize the fight

Riccardo and his troops started with a preliminary bombardment

And the PINS arrive

English sniper hits several times Italian artillery destroying it …

… and the spotter remains alone

Commonwealth troops advance

Italians, with their HMG, try to push down the enemy but it is an hard work

Now it is time for the armored unit

Unfortunately the M40 75/18 is destroyed

Italian sniper hits some enemy units but the advance continues

The last turns are an hand-to-hand fight

At the end the Italian officer has to declare his defeat