giovedì 31 dicembre 2020

December 2020: Our works

We were forced to close again our club to respect the new Covid-19 rules in the region but our love for this hobby cannot be stopped so ... waiting best times ... we continues to paint. 

In this post and in other ones I'll insert some pics of our latest works

Ivano is working on his new army for SAGA Age of Hannibal ... His Repubblic army is growing

Luca continues with his German army in 20mm

Flavio made some new ruined buildings to increase our scenario's "store"

Aurelian continues to paint and show his amazing miniatures

sabato 12 dicembre 2020

General test ... How to play ww2 scenarios with different rule sets - October 2020 Part two

As I explained in a similar post time ago, some months ago we played a lot of ww2 scenarios using different rule sets. 

It was a of general test for our idea to play Stalingrad battle but with different miniature scales and manuals. Unfortunately the Covid forced us to close the club but I decided to share these pics of my 20mm miniatures I took in the last period used for: Iron Cross, Rapid Fire, Bolt Action and so on.

Some Panther (Panzer V) before the action

German HQ

Two sniper teams

Saving private Fritz

A column of Tiger I (Panzer VI)

A panzer crew meeting