domenica 28 giugno 2020

What means to be part of a wargame club as La Piccola Armata

To be part of a wargame club as La Piccola means being part of a small family ... if you need an advice for a uniform or information about a battle you can ask to Ezio, Alberto, Paolo, Ivano ... if you need miniatures or a player to try a new rule systems you can ask to Riccardo, Luca, Antonio, Marco ... if you need scenic elements you can always rely on Flavio or Maurizio ... to mention some of the members.

So if you need some tricks for a miniature you can ask to Aurelian Leclerc and his painting studio. Below some pics of some old warhammer miniatures painted after Aurelian's help ...

martedì 23 giugno 2020

French-Indian forces for the new musket and tomahawks II

With the covid pandemic and the release of the second version of Musket and Tomahawks many of my clubmates rediscovered the Franco-Indian wars

For example my friends Aurelian painted some Scottish units ...

... and to increase his collection of indian warriors

On contrary I decided for the French forces ... Some Compagnie franche de la marine 

The Naval Department of France began using the Compagnies to defend their control of the fur trade in North America with certain tribes and the safety of local civilians from raiding nations of the Iroquois Confederacy ... so why not to paint some coureur de bois ...

... and some regulars of the La Sarre Regiment

Stay in touch ... these units will fight soon ...

domenica 21 giugno 2020

La Piccola Armata is open again

This week we have opened again our club so I proud to share some picts of my club mates

A game dedicated to SAGA

another one for the new wargame written by Studio Tomahawk: Musket & Tomahawks 2.0

and a match between two old friends using Paolo's rules system (Garibaldini all'attacco!)

See you to the next games

mercoledì 17 giugno 2020

La Piccola Armata doubles thanks to "Dadi e Piombo" number 73

In June we opened our club with all the precautions required but our group didn't stop to work during this long period of quarantine. 

I have to admit that we painted a lot of miniatures and scenic elements ... but some of us dedicated our time also to write articles related to our hobby. 

This month "Dadi e Piombo", one of Italian wargame magazine, published two articles written by me and my club mates
I know that it is in Italian but some one could interested to the articles.

One of the article is a battle report of a game we played time ago using Bolt Action in a Guadalcanal scenario. It was written by me and Ezio

Below two pictures included into the article with some of the fantastic miniatures painted by Ivano

The second article is related to the Roman legion and its organization from the Origins to the Punic wars. Paolo Montinario wrote it

sabato 13 giugno 2020

News from the front Covid-19: Rapid fire

Hoping this is the last post I write with my club closed ... I decided to publish some photos of an old Rapid Fire played by my club mates in December

The game was a match between Maurizio and Ezio.  Below some English troops and their vehicles painted by Ezio

A panzer and some German soldier prepared by Maurizio

All miniatures are 1/72 scale ... one of my little contribution to the game, some Churchill 

and to end the effect of German tanks against the English