domenica 27 aprile 2014

Bolt action - first battle

Yesterday I played for the first time at Bolt Action. Ten of other club members started to play it times ago deciding to prepare their armies in 1/72 scale.

I had not read the rule book but only seen some battles fought by other. The rules are easy and thanks to the patience of Giancarlo I was able to play.

We chose a random scenario (ie maximum attrition). I led a group of German Afrika Corps against British paratroopers for 7 rounds.

Unfortunately for Africa Corps was a defeat with the destruction of a Stug III Ausf G and two infantry companies against a single British jeep.

The table and the scenic elements are prepared by Ezio and Flavio and they are amazing.
I took some pictures

Obviously I painted the Afrika Corps. It was the first time I prepared plastic 1/72 miniatures and after the game aI took a couple of other photos

lunedì 21 aprile 2014


The Celtiberians were one of the ethnic groups in the pre-Roman Iberian (the actual Spain).
During the Second Punic Wars they were allies of Carthage and some of them crossed the Alps under the Hannibal's command.

The Romans spent years to pacify those tribes but, at the end, the Iberia becames a Roman province. Celtiberians served as auxiliary unit during the Roman Empire period.

I prepared some bases of these tribes as Dbmm Aux

Scutarii, generally  were equipped with a sword, a great oval shield (scutum) and heavy javelins The design of the roman legionaries' sword (the gladius) was largely influenced by the blades carried by these troops.

Caetrati were equipped in a similar way but they use a smaller shield called caetra

domenica 13 aprile 2014

Dbmm 2014 Torino

On April 12 and 13 my club ("La piccola armata") organized the annual Dbmm tournement. Unfortunately I could not be one of the partecipants but I took some pictures and I had the opportunity to know some other Dbmm players.

All the tournement details (ie rank, players, armies) can be find at the following address:

A picture of all the players in front of the building that houses the club

A quick overview of the different tables

As it is possible to see above. The tables and, consequently, the struggles were many. I concentrated my attention on two of them:
- Ming chinese vs Later Swiss


The battle was for all the time a pursuit by the Swiss army while the Chinese continued to hit the enemy with their artillery. At the end the Swiss reached the enemy but they lost the camp. 

- Ottoman vs Siamese
An overview of the initial movements 

the main struggle took place on the Ottoman right flank

At the end the battle was substantially a draw even if the two players decided to continue the fight after the regular time.

And finally the awards painted by one of the best painters of the club: Flavio