sabato 27 luglio 2019

Mersa Brega battle (March, 21, 1941) – Bolt Action June 22, 2019

Some weeks ago, Antonio and Luca organized a Bolt action game using a scenario included into “Western Desert Campaign”. The scenario they choose was the battle of Mersa Brega and they played it with 20mm miniatures
Below an overview of the battle field before the fighting…

… photo taken by an Italian plane during his patrol tour

Mersa Brega was a WWII battle fought in 1941 during the opening phase of Rommel’s first offensive.
Rommel was often on the front line during the battles and for this battle he decided to observe the DAK’s advance

The AfriKa Korps main objective

Germans decided for a preliminary bombardment

Unfortunately with few results ...

... so the Africa Korps had to enter

In the real history, the Afrika Korps expelled the British from their positions at Marsa Brega opening the Rommel’s way to the encirclement of Tobruk.
In this scenario my friends played the English troops resisted so it was an Allied victory.

sabato 20 luglio 2019

Napoleonic wars – June/July 2019

After a long period of preparation …

… under the continuous Ezio's and Luciano's supervision

... in the last months my club mates played several matches using Black  Powder rule systems.

All miniatures are 15mm and they are painted by the “La Piccola Armata” wargame club memebers. With them my friends prepared several tables and scenarios as …

… Belgian and English troops involved in the 100 days campaign and …

… other English troops that fight against French units in the Peninsular wars … and …

… a column of Austrians that is marching against Belgian battalions … and …

… other Austrians that is trying to break the Rhine confederation troops … and ...

… Prussians against French … and …

… and English battalions with their Allies against Napoleon’s troops.

But every battle must have his heroes as …
 …this unit of Von Zastrow cuirassiers that, after a victorious charge against an enemy battery, crush on the side an infantry battalion …

… or Belgian unit that is trying to resist against a French columns and his allies

sabato 13 luglio 2019

SAGA 2.0 – 11 May 2019 and 10 June 2019

My club mates continue with their training matches using SAGA 2.0 rule system.

Waiting that the new fantasy armies are ready … after the Great Panda why not the Papa Smurf?

... or why not to utilize again old Warhammer models?

My friends decided to deploy different armies to play the Tomahawk Studio’s game so I took some pictures.

For example the strange deployment of the monk army painted by Aurelian

The Irish army painted by Giancarlo

The Arabs that rides camels painted by Flavio

or Riccardo's Muttatawwi'a chosen with their leader

Aurelian decided to keep his focus on a Late medieval army as the Teutonic order but

… he painted also a juvenilia of knights

To complete this show of armies the Irish hounds prepared in two different way
Giancarlo’s version

And Riccardo’s models

domenica 7 luglio 2019

Bolt Action Vietnam – Jungle fights May 25, 2019; June 10, 2019

In recent times Antonio and Maurizio organized a monthly battle scenario inspired to Vietnam war.

The Warlord Games has not a specific rule system for this period so my mates worked on a thematic rule set that they tested in different games with good results.
Unfortunately, I could not take part of the games but my friends sent me some pictures that I want to share.

Miniatures are 20mm. The USCM are painted by Maurizio while the Viet are prepared by Antonio.

First of all … the table they prepared for the games. In both matches the target of the US troops were to take the control of the villages … on contrary Viet had to keep free the objectives.

Below some pictures of the battle scenes
The USCMs enter in the villages

With the cover of a mortar

A Viet company moves across the paddy fields to block the enemy while …

… a second group of USCMs are arriving with their BELLs

some Viet companies are waiting the enemies in ambush

A cobra enters in the game but Viet are prepared

An American artillery piece starts to fire

An American M113 enters in the village to take the wounders …  

… but Viet are ready with their RPG

An American company enters on the field with the cover of the jungle …

… but a Viet tank is waiting them 

To close all these pictures two photos of the heroes of these battles
The Americans: Maurizio and Andrea

And the Viet-congs: Luca and Antonio