sabato 2 gennaio 2016

ACW: Stones River - Dec 27

On 27th December a couple of my club members decided to play an Acw scenario: Stone River.

We used a rule system created by Paolo M. that is partially based on his rule book "L'Italia s'è desta!". The game mechanisms are similar and partially simplified but in a larger scale (ie at divisional level). We played the scenario with 8 players including the two generals in command that had to decide the initial strategy and, only after the first contact with the enemy, could give written orders to their sub-commanders.
Sub commands and their generals couldn't speak between them. This rule permitted to recreate the chaos typically of Acw struggles.

1862 winter, western theater (between the Mississippi River and the Appalachian Mountains).
After the failure of Kentucky invasion, which culminated in the Battle of Perryville, the General Bragg's Confederate army retires in southeastern Tennessee. Even the Union army, now commanded by General Rosecrans, moves south and takes place at Nashville.
The Union takes the initiative and moves toward Chattanooga. On their way they meet the Confederates camped at Murfreesboro. The two armies clash at north of town on a land (manly forests) cuts by a road and a small stream: the Stones River

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Rule system:
Douple line

All miniatures are 28mm and are painted by Alberto M., Paolo M., Franco B., Franco Bel., Francesco R.

Battle orders:
Right Wing (Maj. Gen. Alexander McD. McCook)
Corps Command: McCook
First Division (Brig. Gen. Jefferson C. Davis)
First Brigade [4]
Second Brigade [4] Unreliable 
Second Division (Brig. Gen. Richard W. Johnson)
First Brigade [4]
Second Brigade [4] Unreliable 
Third Division (Brig. Gen. Philip Sheridan)
First Brigade [4]
Cavalry Reserve [2] Breech loaders
Artillery Brigade [5 batteries] 

Hardee’s Corps (Liut. Gen. William J. Hardee)
Corps Command: Hardee
Cleburne’s Division (Maj. Gen. Patrick R. Cleburne)
First Brigade [5]
Second Brigade [5]
McCown’s Division (Maj. Gen. John P. McCown)
First Brigade [4] Brave
Second Brigade [4]
Wheeler's Cavalry Division (Brig. Gen. Joseph Wheeler)
First Cavalry Brigade [4]
Artillery Brigade [4 batteries] 
Sharpshooters Battalion 

Scenario Rules
Forest: broken terrain (moving 4 '', visibility 2 '', light coverage).
Hill: broken terrain (moving 4 '', light coverage).
Hedges and fences: broken terrain (moving 4 '', light coverage).
River: difficult terrain (movement 3 '', the artillery passes only to bridges / fords, light coverage)

After armies initial deployment other terrains are added

Deployment and set up
The first division of each armies deployes within 20 '' on the edge.
The remaining units arrive during the 1st round.
Confederates moves first
15 rounds

Victory Conditions
To win an army must take the control on two objectives. The objectives are the two hills and the camp in the centre.

Battle report
Phase 1 - initial orders

The initial deployment it is simple ... all the units directly on the objectives with the confederate cavalry that try to cut the road to the union forces

Phase 2 

Union units arrives at the camp for first obstructed by confederate cavalry...

 ... in the meanwhile the union cavalry and the batteries reach the hill. After a brief match the cavalry is repulsed back and the batteries remain alone.

Phase 3

On the hill also the last union battery is destroyed ... 

 ... on the left all the confederate brigades reach the camp while cavalry form a skirmish shield 

Phase 4

In the last rounds the confederate units try to take the camp while the union reinforcements do not allow the control of the second hill by Virginian forces.  

The final positions

The union army obtains two objectives but with several deads so we decided that the game was a tie.

A great game well organized and prepared by P. Montinaro and Franco B. Many thanks to all ... to the next battle!

venerdì 1 gennaio 2016

L'Italia s'è desta - Battle Report "Defense" Re-fighted - July 9-16

With a very significant delay I'm writing the match battle report of a game played this summer.

We re-fighted a scenario already played obviously changing the players. 

For the sake of completeness I presented again all data

Rule system:
L'Italia s'è desta! Created by Paolo M.

All miniatures are 28mm and are painted by Alberto M., Paolo M., Franco B., Franco Bel.

Battle orders
Austrian Army [20 units + 1 HQ]
 1st Brigade: 7 units [including: 1 jager (hunter, elite +1), 1 grenadier (elite +1), 1 command and a field artillery]
 2nd Brigade 7 units [including: 1 jager (hunter, elite +1), 1 grenadier (elite +1), 1 command and a field artillery]
Reserve detachment 4 units [2 infantry, 1 field artillery, 1 command]
Independent detachment 2 units [1 cavalry (independent) and 1 corps artillery]
Head Quarter [1 unit]

Sardinian Army  [19 units + 1 HQ]
1st Detachment: 5 units [including: 1 bersaglieri (hunter, training +2) and 1 command
2nd Detachment: 5 units [including: 1 field artillery and 1 command]
1st Brigade: 8 units [including: 1 field artillery and 1 command]
Independent detachment 1 units [1 cavalry (independent)]
Head Quarter [1 unit]

Initial deployment
Sardinian forces: they deploy the units for first but they move after the Austrian army.
During the first round only the 1st and the 2nd detachment are on the field [Sector 2]
The HQ will enter at the beginning of 3rd round [Sector 1]
The brigade deploy at the 6th round [Sector 1]

Austrian forces: they deploy their units after Sardinian forces but move for first.
At the beginnings of the battle Austrian have on the table all the units but they have to line up their forces in the sector 3.
The independent detachment will enter at the 6th round [Sector 3]

Set up
15 turns. The Austrians move for first
Victory conditions
The army that destroys 7 units of the enemy wins
The Austrians has to throw out Sardinian forces from Sector 2.

Battle report

Phase 1

Austrian forces enter in the scenario and they concentrate their best units against the farm on the left. Sardinians try to slow down the attack with cavalry and bersaglieri beyond the hedge

Phase 2

During the second part of the game Austrians conquer the farm but the Sardinians are capable to perform a tactical retreat without losing their artillery

Phase 3

At the 6th round new Sardinian forces enter while Austrians try to surround the enemy's left wing.  In the meanwhile a unit of Jager skirmishes against the Italian army.

Phase 4

The last rounds see the Sardinian counterattack. A unit of Bersaglieri attack on the flank the Austrian unit that is trying to surround the Italian forces while 1st brigade attacks the farm

The final result is a tie