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Bolt Action Vietnam – Jungle fights May 25, 2019; June 10, 2019

In recent times Antonio and Maurizio organized a monthly battle scenario inspired to Vietnam war.

The Warlord Games has not a specific rule system for this period so my mates worked on a thematic rule set that they tested in different games with good results.
Unfortunately, I could not take part of the games but my friends sent me some pictures that I want to share.

Miniatures are 20mm. The USCM are painted by Maurizio while the Viet are prepared by Antonio.

First of all … the table they prepared for the games. In both matches the target of the US troops were to take the control of the villages … on contrary Viet had to keep free the objectives.

Below some pictures of the battle scenes
The USCMs enter in the villages

With the cover of a mortar

A Viet company moves across the paddy fields to block the enemy while …

… a second group of USCMs are arriving with their BELLs

some Viet companies are waiting the enemies in ambush

A cobra enters in the game but Viet are prepared

An American artillery piece starts to fire

An American M113 enters in the village to take the wounders …  

… but Viet are ready with their RPG

An American company enters on the field with the cover of the jungle …

… but a Viet tank is waiting them 

To close all these pictures two photos of the heroes of these battles
The Americans: Maurizio and Andrea

And the Viet-congs: Luca and Antonio

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