domenica 5 aprile 2015

Milano wargame 2015

On March 1, 2015 I partecipated with other five members of my club at an Italian wargame exhibition: Milano Wargame 2015.

We presented a table about the second Independence Italian war: the battle of Vinzaglio.

The scenario and the rules are prepared by Paolo M.
Paolo has written a short manual that permits to recreate the battles of the Italian Independence period. It is a very quick and well designed rulebook that was tested also for tournaments. 

Our table, as well as the tables of other participants, attracted people

We fought two battles during the day. The first saw the victory of Austrian forces:

Initial deployment

The Italian cavalry tries to break the Austrian left wing and ... 

... they are repelled 

The lucky does not assist the Italian forces on the left

During the break between the first and the second battles I took some pictures to the other tables.

Belisarius against the Parthians

A battle of Bedriaco


On contrary the second round of Vinzaglio Battle saw an Italian victory

Initial deployment

This time the Italians concentrated their forces in the center

While on the left the Italian units overwhelm the Austrian infantrymen

and the cavalry surrounds the village

It was a very beautiful day and an experience to try again.