lunedì 23 ottobre 2017

TMWWBK – October, 23 2017

Last Saturday Ezio and Ivano tested new miniatures in a colonial match using Osprey's TMWWBK rules system.

Ivano lead a group of Italians that have to protect a local nobleman from a Mahdist attack.

Normally, the Mahdist revolt is considered an "Anglo-Egyptian" issue but also the Italian troops had their role ... even if under the English rule. From 1890 and 1893 a powerful Mahdi army crashes the border of Italian colony (Agordat) inficting several defeats to Italian army. Only on July 16, 1894 the new Governor of the colony (General Baratieri) personally carried a column of ascari and Italians conquering, after a short battle, the Sudanese city of Kassala. The city will return to English troops only two years later and after a long and cruel struggles with Mahdist army.

Below some images of the match and a my attempt to write a kind of battle report

The initial Italian position and the local nobleman 

Unfortunately per Ivano the Mahdi army starts at full strenght 

The Mahdi's cavalry attacks the Italian unit supported by other two group of warriors

Italian bersaglieri tries to hold the line but it is very hard

The arrival of our colonial cavalry (penne di falco) could change the outcome of the struggle but their charge do not crash the enemy unit

Other two Italian units arrives on the table but it is too late

The counter-charge of Sudanese cavalry destroys our Penne di Falco while the reinforcements are pushed back by the Mahdi numbers 

The Mahdi leader can celebrate the victory

venerdì 20 ottobre 2017

La Piccola Armata - September activities

With a significant delay I post some pictures of La Piccola actitivies. 

I want point out that during the months of Sept and Oct, thanks to Luca’s initiative, we organized a Bolt Action internal tournament but I’ll post some images of this event another time. Now some works of our creators

Unfortunately the Mad Max’s director has never known our friend Carlo

Aurelian continues with his Colonial dreams and …

… Ivano replies with his Italian ascari

Even if Riccardo takes part to Dbmm events with his army…

… he doesn’t forget to continues his British 8th Army

But Montgomery mates will have hard times with my DAK

Finally … we are speaking of battles, soldiers and so on but without Maurizio's efforts no one would be cured

lunedì 16 ottobre 2017

La Piccola and Games of Thornes

Last month one of my club mate, Aurelian, started with some other wargamers of a shop near our association to paint a new group of miniatures.

They decided to dedicate their efforts to create the atmospheres of a popular movie fiction: "The Games of throne". 
Unfortunately, at the moment, there are no specific miniatures available for this kind of fantasy scenario, so Aurelian converted some Perry and Fireforge miniatures to be suitable for his need.

He decided to paint House Bolton. Below some of Aurelian's pikemen 

He painted also some knights and the warlord. 

I want point out that the last two photos are taken at the shop: Goblin Torino

domenica 15 ottobre 2017

Bolt Action Civil wars – Sept 23, 2017

Last month I played my first match, with my son, using Bolt Action rulebook. It was not a real battle but only a kind of playtest to understand if he was interested to play it. Bolt Action is a simple set of rules easy to understand.

My son is 11 years old and he was very proud to play in the Association as well as the other-ones club mates.

He lead an English army against my evil Germans. Below there are some photos

A company of tommies with their artillery observer that is approaching to the houses while, on the other side, also the Germans try to reach their objs

 The red devils take the control of the houses and start to hit my paratroopers

Another action of the match in which … this time … my Germans hit the Gurkhas

At the end my son won the battle ... a good start!