martedì 13 gennaio 2015

Imperial Roman Army - Wip

I started to paint an Imperial Roman army. The idea is to create ten cohorts, some unit of artilleries and two alee of cavalry. 

Miniatures are mainly Warlord  and Armorum & Aquila. For the moment I finished two units of six bases each, some commanders and skirmishers.

Other two pictures with more details. Each cohort has a command group and a different shield pattern.


Some pictures of the commanders (centurions, tribunes, signifers) that I've just completed

And other pictures of skirmishers ... Balearic slingers

a contubernium of Cretan archers

and another contubernium of western archers

a wip of the first five cohort command groups

All cohorts will count four bases (16 models) except for the first one that will have double ranks.