domenica 30 dicembre 2018

Red devils - Arnhem 1944

Some months ago I bought a box of Waterloo 1815 British paratroopers with pack howitzer. Last year I painted some 1/72 red devils but I was not completely satisfied of their faces so ... 
I painted again some of them and completed my bolt action army increasing it with some para companies.

The miniatures I bought are below

I have painted two howtizers and combined the miniatures to create two bases as the following-ones

One of the most important scenarios in which British paratroopers were involved during the WWII was Market Garden operation in 1944. During this battle do not partecipate only British troops but also some of their allies, in particular a Polish brigate … so ... why not to paint one of the officers with a grey basque?

I modified also a 1/72 Esci miniature that carried an injured man to create a kind of medic miniature

I took the idea from this original photo

Great part of the battle was fought near the bridge ...

… but also in the city and in the outskirts

giovedì 27 dicembre 2018

Black Powder 2.0 - Colonial scenario

During the Holidays the actitivies in my club do not stop. In these days Maurizio, Ezio, Flavio, Riccardo, Giancarlo, Aurelian and Ivano played a game between a Zulu army and a British imperial force. My friends adapt Black Powder 2.0 to play this battle

Miniatures are 28mm and are painted by … Ivano

 … Maurizio and …

… Ezio (the great part of the miniatures on the table)

The scenario prepared by Ezio and is a kind of test to understand if the forces designed by my friend can correctly work in a Colonial scenario too. Generally we use the TMWWBK for this period but Black Powder is so soversatile that it works well also in this situation as it is possible to see in the photos below

Below other pictures with some details of the fight … a gatling 

and an Indian auxiliary squadron of cavalry

domenica 23 dicembre 2018

Garibaldi all'attacco! - 3rd tournament - November/December 2018

Last week my club mates concluded the 3rd internal tournament using "Garibaldi all'attacco!" rule system. 

It is a wargame written by another club member (Paolo Montinaro) and published by Chillemi Editore dedicated to Italian Independence wars. Paolo wrote a wargame system that can be easily played also at tournament level. Generally a game it takes from 1 to 2 hours and it is very easy to play keeping a good tactical level.

This year Massimo, Emanuele, Franco Be, Giovanni, Franco Bo, Alessandro, Bartolomeo and Valter played the different phases of the tournament ... below some pictures of their fights

At the end Massimo won with 625 points … Great work!!

It is possible to find more details relating "Garibaldi all'attacco!" at the following link

martedì 18 dicembre 2018

Black Powder 2.0 - November/December 2018

During these months in which I was absent my mates did not stop to produce and to play with new miniatures.

Thanks to the guides prepared by Ezio some of them started to play with the new edition of Black Powder

Below some imagines of battles fought in November 

Also last week they played a generic scenario with two armies: Prussians vs Austrians 

Miniatures are all 15mm and are painted by different people: 

The Austrians by Riccardo, Nevio and Luca

The Prussians by Luca and Filippo

It took them a couple of hours to end the match but it was a very nice game and the rule system is significantly improved

mercoledì 12 dicembre 2018

Hail Caesar - November/December 2018

In the last months I was very busy with my work but my club's mates had continued to paint miniatures and test new and old rules systems. 

The last one in these times is "Hail Caesar". This rule book create by warlord games is similar in some aspects to "Black Powder" but the hand to hand combat system is different and more suitable to reproduce fights of the Antiquity.

A couple of weeks ago Ezio and Riccardo prepared a battle between a first Imperial Roman army and the barbaric horde. Below some pictures of the game played on Nov 25

All miniatures are 15mm and we usually use them for DBMM but the scale is suitable also for Hail Caesar. 

Also last week Riccardo and Aurelian played another game between Republic Roman and Carthaginians

Below some Carthaginians' allies ... the Spanish scutari and caetrati and ...

... some Celtic tribes

On the other front the Roman army with a screen of velites

An overview of the initial position

During the game Aurelian, who led the Carthaginian army, tried to attack the Roman army on the flanks 

On the centre the fight continues ... 

... and Aurelian uses his best general to conclude the encircling maneuver but ...

... this time Hannibal is defeated