lunedì 24 febbraio 2014

Dbmm Feb, 2014 battle report

During the last two weeks I started officially my Late Imperial Roman Dbmm tests.
The first match involved Late Imperial Roman against Later Hoplite Greek.

Riccardo took the command of the Spartans while the Romans, of course, are mine.
Riccardo M. used his list reported by Lorenzo M. into Tagmata site.

My list was:

West Late Imperial Roman
Cic 1 CvO, 6 CvO, 4 LhO, 2 LhF, 2KnF, 2BgeF [28]
Sub 1 BdO, 12 BdO, 2 BdX, 2 ArtF, 2 BgeF [24]
Sub 1 BdO, 10 AxS, 10 PsO, 4 PsS, 2 BgeF [28]

I deployed my cavalry on the right, blade at the center and auxiliaries as left wing.

The Riccardo's steamrollers are coming.

My original plan was keeping a static defense with blades and auxiliaries while my cavalry outflanked the enemy left . Unfortunately, due to my inexperience, my right wing was too slow and so Riccardo had the possibility to arrive without problem till my center. Furthermore, Riccardo screened his spears with a line of Psiloi, force my blades to charge.

The foregone conclusion is a complete defeat of my army with two general (one is the blade on the left of the photo below) destroyed

- do not deploy blades without a screen of psiloi. It is not a great idea to think that psiloi can be used only to support blades against cavalry.
- if you decide to deploy a wing of cavalry to outflank the enemy, it is a good idea to use all pips I have to do it not to wait that the enemy arrives blocking you with his treat zone

The second battle was Late Imperial Roman against New Kingdom Egyptian

My opponent was again the patient Riccardo M.
New stike, new experimental army list:
East Late Imperial Roman

Cic 1 CvO, 4 CvO, 3 LhO, 2 LhF, 4KnX, 2BgeF [25]
Sub 1 BdO, 12 BdO, 2 BdX, 6 PsO, 2 BgeF [25]
Sub 1 BdO, 12 AxS, 10 PsO, 4 PsS, 2 BgeF [27]

My roman army is not completely painted but I reached a number of bases sufficient to prepare a line of battle.

I deployed cavalry on the left, blades on the center and auxiliaries as right wing. The field is substantially open with only a Bua on the middle of the table.

My opponent chose Tucmoses III as CiC, a brilliant general. It was the first time I fought against this kind of Dbmm option. My original plan was to attack with the cavalry but Riccardo moved his right flank more quickly than I expected (12 pip ie 6 pip standard increased by two ... brilliant general docet) and so I was again subject to his TZ.

To support my left flank I sent some auxiliaries from the right wing

While on the left the situation is changing with my KnX that threatened the enemy CvS

At the center my line held the position while the remaining auxiliaries tried to attack the enemy left flank

This time, thanks to support of Marco D. that helped me as advisor, the conclusion was less catastrophic than the previous-one with an enemy Sub Commander destroyed agaist a couple of my blades.

- do not deploy two complete commands of infantry. The AxS are good troops but to slow