martedì 11 aprile 2017

Bolt Action Pacific theatre US vs Jap – April, 8 2017

Last week, Riccardo and Ivano organized another bolt action battle with their 28mm miniatures using the table prepared by Ezio.

The match is easy: some USMC companies against a Japanese garrison. The USMC must occupy three buildings  and/or kill some enemies officials.

The USMC are taking position supported by a group of American pioneers

An American first lieutenant observes the movements of his men.

The Americans are close to their objects …

… but Japanese garrison is ready

On the left a company of Japanese marines are coming up behind the USCM forces …

… but the Americans are quick to react

A company of marines reaches his obj but Japanese resistance is strong

On the other side of the building, Japanese troops attack the enemy and push back them

Unfortunately also the first USCM company is attacked and defeated. The fight ends with a one to one struggle between the two captains

The battle ended with a Japanese victory.

Below some pictures of other battle moments

5 commenti:

  1. Grandi tutti. pittori di marines e giapponesi; mastro flavio alla direzione delle maestranze edili; grande chi ha preparato la vegetazione.... solo una domanda: ma perché l'americano di ivano scende a pisciare il cane nel bel mezzo dell'azione? :)

    1. E sì sia le miniature sia il tavolo hanno poco da invidiare alla Warlord. Il cane di Ivano era il suo recce