sabato 3 giugno 2017

French Mountain troops - SES

Some weeks ago Ezio showed to Maurizio some pictures of the French SES (Section éclaireurs skieurs). They are both members of my wargame club (La Piccola Armata) and so they started to prepare SES miniatures. 
The SES are the French mountain troops and they fought during the WWII against Italians. There are not specific miniatures but it is possible to find special rules in warlord games site if someone is interested.

SES are mountain infantry troops and they were created to oppose any Italian invasion through the Alps. The miniatures that Maurizio made are Chasseurs (ie Alpine Hunters) that are  easy to recognise by their wide beret, named "the tarte des Alpes" (a traditional French alpine hat). Below some pictures used by Maurizio to prepare miniatures.

Of course, during the fighting, generally they does not use the typical hat but the infantry helmet with white camouflage

Maurizio used 1/72 Caesar miniatures adding ropes, bags, skies and modelling the hats
Below some "raw" miniatures

After his work Maurizio painted them. Below some pictures of the finalized miniatures. 

 Rear and front of the figures with blue hat

Other pictures of the miniatures with standard helmet

And finally a group photo ... miniatures and ...

... the original

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  1. What a great post Mark, love the mix of figures, photos and drawings...and my father was "Chasseur Alpin" during his military service so...

    1. Thanks. Also in Italy exists the equivalent of the french SES. Also my father was a Alpino :)

    2. Hey, they could have met on the slopes of a mountain!

  2. Fantastic post. I love such mix of minis and history backfround!

  3. marco i pezzi li ho sempre dipinti io, cq a breve facciamo il battesimo del fuoco a tutto l'esercito francese che ho fatto e così potrai postare le foto di tutti questi ragazzoni in azione

    1. Si scusa. Ho già cambiato ... è che le foto dipinte le ha inviate Ezio ... e gli hai fatto pure i complimenti via wathapps dicendo che li aveva dipinti bene!!!

  4. Maury !!! sto ragazzo ha un'arte per capello !!!!! :)