mercoledì 29 novembre 2017

TMWWBK – November, 25 2017

Last Saturday Giancarlo and Ivano played a colonial match using Osprey's TMWWBK rules system.

Ezio prepared the landscape in which ther are also some wild animals and the effect is very nice


The scenario was an ambush in which Giacarlo’s men (Zanzibar slave merchants) have to attack a German colonial column in the middle of the jungle. German colonials are lead on and painted by Ivano.

A detail of German troops supported by cavalry

Zanzibar tribal units start immediately the attack running against Ivano’s Germans

 Ivano detaches the cavalry moving it to intercept one of Giancalo’s unit

 The enemies are close and Ivano deploys his regular troops to form a line

 Unfortunately for Ivano, Zanzibar’s warbands arrive to the back of the line. The fight continues for two turns but Ivano’s troops are forced to be disbanded

 Giancarlo launches his units against irregular German troops but, even if only with four miniatures,  this unit resists

In the meanwhile, Ivano recalls his cavalry trying to reach and destroy Zanzibar tribal troops but without success

The match ended with a Zanzibar victory: 9 points against 4

Below I posted some details of the fantastic miniatures painted by my club’s mates.
Ivano’s masterpieces …

… and, of course, Giancarlo's miniatures

8 commenti:

  1. Terrific looking table and Ivano is, indeed, talented with the brush. The German colonials are my favorite. Elephants too!

    1. Ivano is one of our best painters. He joined to our club only this year but his miniatures are great!

  2. Oh, beautiful looking game! terrain and minis are awesome!

  3. Awesome terrain and beautiful figures, I especially like the statue and the atmosphere...splendid!

  4. Looks like it was an amazing game! The figures and terrain are superb!