venerdì 30 agosto 2019

August 2019 La Piccola's activities

Even if we are in August my club mates do not stop their activities.
The summer holidays are the right moment to prepare new troops …

… that in our club it is possible to test in short time

My mates played some battles using Black Powder rules but …

… they try out also new rule systems as “What a tanker!” published by Toofatlardies

But now the pictures … for first some Black Powder scenes with 15mm miniatures masterfully painted by the friends of mine.

The Battle of Gorotescha (1812). Russians against a league of Austrian and Sassons

An hypothetical battle between a Russian army and some Polish troops

The Battle of Talnitz (1762). Prussians against Austrians

And to end this short post some pictures of a battle between tanks

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