lunedì 17 luglio 2017

WWII German railway gun

During WW2 some German generals were remembered for their innovative strategies but German Army maintained also some traditions that are typically of previous conflicts. One of this "traditions" are the so called "railway guns".

Generally they were a large artillery piece, often surplus naval artillery, mounted on, transported by, and fired from a specially designed railway wagon. Many countries have built railway guns, but the best known are the large Krupp-built pieces used by Germany in WWII and WWI.

The largest artillery piece of this type deployed by Germany in WW2 was 80 cm  Schwerer Gustav. Below an original image with Nazi gerarchs.

Maurizio, one of my club mate, decided to convert a 1/72 self-propelled siege mortar in a railway gun. Below another original photo

The effect to merge a railway locomotive and a siege mortar can be this

I took some pictures in a Italian scenario prepared by Ezio and Flavio. The idea is a short break for a military convoy that has to be refuelled

Unfortunately for railway gun the rise of the plane effectively ended their usefulness. Similar to battleships, they were massive, expensive, and, in the correct conditions, easily destroyed from the air

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  1. Great work on the railway gun! Beautiful modeling.

  2. Bello !! ma .... pubblica lo scenario Zombies !!!! :) quello spettacolo di mastro Maury (e Flavio) !!

  3. Most impressive railway gun, and superb photos, amazing and splendid details such as the realistic smoke on the train...COngrats, and good luck to your ennemies if this gun is as effective as it is beautiful!

  4. ma che bel trenino... hahaha

    1. Un un gran bel lavoro fatto da te ... prima o poi ti rubo i francesi in 1/72 e faccio un post anche su quelli. Le conversioni che hai fatto sono spettacolo.