mercoledì 24 gennaio 2018

Ww2: 8th army - Bolt Action/Rapid Fire

The 20 mm scale is not one of my favorite one  but it easy and quick to paint. Some months ago I bought two boxes of 1/72 plastic Italeri and I prepared them as the British 8th army.
Before to paint them I did some search to be sure what kind of colors should been more realistic … and, at the end, the result is below

The 8th army was involved in different ww2 theatres but they became famous for their actions during the African campaign.

In the photo below there are some soldiers of the 8th army during Operation Lightfoot (Oct 1942) and one of them is armed with a Thompson submachine. Some of the miniatures have the same gun. Below one of them with an NCO.

Other miniatures are equipped with Bren as well as the men of the Greek company during in Africa

I painted also some Vickers teams and to prepare them I was inspired by the photos below

For the officers I decided to paint some of them as members of the 9th Australian HQ's

and to support the infantry I painted some churchill tanks too.

8 commenti:

  1. Fantastic photos as always!
    Looking very realistic.

  2. A fabulous post, love the mix of pictures...Congrats!

  3. Great paint job and basing, I love what you've done! This is my favorite scale for WWII gaming. I've used many rules sets but currently use Rapid Fire-2. I will be running a WWII western desert scenario for my club later this year. I hope is looks 1/2 as good as yours.

    1. Too kind.
      Generally we played Bolt Action with these miniatures. Some weeks ago we start to play to Chain of command too. We never tried to use rapid fire. I'll propose this rules set tomorrow when I meet my mates. Thanks