sabato 27 luglio 2019

Mersa Brega battle (March, 21, 1941) – Bolt Action June 22, 2019

Some weeks ago, Antonio and Luca organized a Bolt action game using a scenario included into “Western Desert Campaign”. The scenario they choose was the battle of Mersa Brega and they played it with 20mm miniatures
Below an overview of the battle field before the fighting…

… photo taken by an Italian plane during his patrol tour

Mersa Brega was a WWII battle fought in 1941 during the opening phase of Rommel’s first offensive.
Rommel was often on the front line during the battles and for this battle he decided to observe the DAK’s advance

The AfriKa Korps main objective

Germans decided for a preliminary bombardment

Unfortunately with few results ...

... so the Africa Korps had to enter

In the real history, the Afrika Korps expelled the British from their positions at Marsa Brega opening the Rommel’s way to the encirclement of Tobruk.
In this scenario my friends played the English troops resisted so it was an Allied victory.

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