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British and French Napoleonic Army Cavalry - Part 3

To complete my Napoleonic armies I prepared some cavalry squadrons.

For the French I painted two regiments of heavy cavalry: one of carabiniers, another-one of cuirassiers, and two units of dragoons

The picture above represents four bases of the 10th cuirassiers regiment; with the carabiniers they were the shock cavalry of the Napoleonic period. During Waterloo battle Napoleon deployed on the field twelve regiments of these soldiers. The regiments generally were armed and equipped identically. The only differences was the colours of the collars and of the cuffs.

The carabiniers unit on the centre of the picture is a squadron of the first regiment. I painted them in their campaign dress (blue in stead of white) even if frequently I saw them ...  in some wargamers' posts ...  with the parade uniforms.

The units of dragoons I painted are the 7th and the 10th. They were largely used during peninsular wars but only two regiments of these cavalrymen were on the field during the 100 days campaign.

The British regiments I prepared are all of light cavalry

In particular I painted twelve bases of  the 7th Hussars and  four of the Verdun 1st squadron.

The British hussars had a marginal role during Waterloo campaign but 7th regiments were largely involved during peninsular wars with the 10th.

Finally I tried to recreate, thanks a couple of photos, the effect of a French cavalry charge against a British square


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