sabato 4 luglio 2015

Game World Day 2015

Also this year, at the end of May, I partecipated to the Game World Day 2015. This year our tables were placed in Via Roma, one of the most important historical street of Turin. 

... In the photo below there is a partial view of Royal Palace in the landscape 

In this period the city is full of tourists for the Holy Shroud exhibit and our tables attract more people 

The main table was managed by Ezio with a demonstration of the Osprey’s Lion Rampart. 
There was also another table completely prepared (miniatures and table board) by another member of the club (Riccardo) 

I was placed in the third table. I couldn’t prepare a scenario and in this period I’m very busy so I decided to use my time to increase my miniatures production

Currently I’m working to complete a Trajan army and I started with some Late Imperial Roman in 28mm

For all the day the main table was used for Lion Rampart scenario. In the morning with renaissance miniatures painted by other two member of the club (Alberto and Biagio)

In the afternoon Papal units were replaced by the Mongols and the Byzantines painted by Riccardo

As in the past year the exhibition was a very nice experience thanks to the efforts of all the members of the club

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