giovedì 31 dicembre 2015

Mid - Imperial Roman Army - a first look

Even if I finished them in September i have only now the moment to post a couple of photos of my Trajan Romans.

The table and the scenario are not the best possible but my club is still loking for a new location and so I was forced to use my home table.

The army is a mix of A&A and Warlord 28mm miniatures and it is composed by 10 cohorts, artillery, 2 auxiliary alee, archers and cavalry (light and heavy). 

I deployed them in triplex acies with cavalry and auxiliaries as the wings

I took some picts to the cohorts and their command groups

Archers are a mix of western and eastern men

In the future I'll increase the artillery probably with a couple of new scorpions but for the moment I think that it is sufficient ... (in particular my wife!)

The skirmish units are Balearic slingers even if I painted them with late imperial color schemes ... I'm sorry but the warlord miniatures are very nice and considering that my next project is a late imperial army I could not resist. 

Finally a mix of photos with a part of high commands

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