martedì 27 dicembre 2016

Aurelian 26 Dec, 2016

I bought Aurelian wargame book a couple of months ago but only in these days I have had the possibility to play it with a set of full miniatures painted.

I think that Aurelain, the Sam Mustafa's wargame, is a very interesting wargame system with a right equilibrium between the time necessary to play a game and the different army tactics that a player can use.

Nonetheless, even if I don't like a game that use cards, this play system that permits to discard the higher card score during the struggle increases the tactic in the game.

It is possible to find in internet, as open sources, four tutorial videos created by Sir Tobi here to understand better the game. Here the link:

Below some pictures of a "solo battle" between two Roman armies.

The initial deployment. The table is my "training table" and so the scenario is not so rich as the ones of my club

Some images of the two armies waiting for orders

The Emperor and his command group

The strategy of the attacker was to outflank the enemy with the cavalry

In Aurelian shooting is a very expensive phase but sometimes it creates significant casualties 

The attack on the flanks is starting

Two times the outflank is repulsed. The struggle starts in the centre but it is too late for the attacker.

The final positions

Final score 2 vs 0: defeat for the attackers 

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  1. Nice game. I'm not sure about the rules. I looked at them a few times and am still undecided.

    1. The game system si not bad. The campaign and club rules are well designed and increase the longevity of the game

  2. What a great looking game! Beautiful pictures under these amazing walls...

  3. An intriguing report. Thank you