venerdì 2 marzo 2018

SAGA Carolingian vs Anglo-Danish – Feb 17, 2018

With a tremendous delay, today I’m posting some pictures of struggle between Ivano’s Carolingian and Giancarlo’s Anglo-Danish.

It was the first match using the new Studio Tomahawk rules and so the fight was a simple battle on a table with few scenic elements as request by the rules.

To write a real battle report it is a bit hard because it was a great cavalry charge (Carolingians) against a group of Anglo-Danish on foot.

This time a real photographer (Marco Diana) took some pictures of our miniatures. The effect is very great

Carolingian (28 mm painted by Ivano)

Anglo-Danish (28mm painted by Giancarlo)

Below some other pictures of the miniatures/battle took by me.
Some Ivano’s Carolingians on foot

Giancarlo’s warlord defied by some brave Carolingians

Some moments of the cavalry charge

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