lunedì 14 maggio 2018

WWII German Army 1/72 - Bolt Action/Rapid Fire part one

I spent the last months painting miniatures in 20mm scale to complete a WwII German army for Bolt action.

Miniatures are a mix of Italeri, Orion, Zvezda, Preiser and Caesar Miniatures while tanks are plastic soldier and Mondadori models.

Last Saturday I went to my Wargame Club (La Piccola Armata - Turin) to take some pictures of the miniatures I painted.

I want thanks for the photos below:
- Ivano that gifted me a lot of Zvezda and Preiser miniatures. Models that I did not know and that I have to admit are very detailed ones   
- Ezio that prepared the scenario
- Luca and Alberto F.  that lent me their splendid houses: Luca the Italian ones and Alberto the Normandy buildings
- Maurizio that prepared for me all tanks. Models for which I painted only some details (tracks, wheels and so on)

... but now the photos

Some men of the Ramcke division somewhere in Italy before their departure for Africa

The Sd.Kfz. 231 8 rad in the background is Mondadori model re-painted ... his original aspect was this ...

I'm sure that his new colors are better

A Stug IV and some soldiers that are resting

Some German soldiers hit by the enemy artillery in a Normandy road and ... 

... others  that are hiding in a crop field

A German column in Normandy

A Pak 40 crew that is preparing a surprise to an American tank and ... 

... their English colleages that are working for a reply (the background tank is painted by Alberto F.)

Some volksgrenadiers and Green devils near to a destroyed tank

Other green devils under the artillery fire

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