mercoledì 9 maggio 2018

SAGA 2.0 - March/April 2018

In the last months my club mates organized every week a battles using SAGA. They decided to play with this miniatures rule system after the publication of the second edition.

Battles are single struggles between two opponents and so I cannot prepare a real battle report, but SAGA is a very versatile rule system that permit interesting scenarios and little vignettes

Below some pictures of the battles

A Norman Command Group painted by Maurizio and Flavio

Riccardo’s Byzantine army

Maurizio’s command Vikings command group

Riccardo’s Teutonic and Russ test miniatures

Maurizio’s berserkers and the Viking lord

Giancarlo’s miniatures in action

Flavio’s hero chased by a group of hounds

Maurizio’s idea of the Valkyries

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