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Black Powder – Battle of Auerstädt July 7, 2018

On July 7, 2018 my club mates decided to recreate the Auerstädt battle using Black Powder rule system. The scenario and the table are prepared by Ezio and they simulate the fights from 9 am to 1 pm.

The battle of Auerstädt was fought on October, 14 1806 between the forces of Napoleon and Frederick William III of Prussia and, it was part (with his twin and best known battle of Jena) of the decisive defeat for the Prussian army.

Below an imagine of Jena and Auerstädt battles from Wikipedia.

and another detail of the Auerstädt battle movements during the day.

My mates played this scenario on a 240x150 cm table and with around 900 miniatures (scale 15mm). 

The French forces are controlled by Ezio and Luciano while the Prussian-ones are under the control of Antonio and Alberto. The miniatures are mainly painted by Alberto (around 95%) but also by Ezio and Riccardo ... and now the battle

An imagine of battle preparation

Troops are arriving on the field

The Davout’s French divisions advance even if further west respect what heppened in the real battle. While the left wing commander decides to cover the flank with a line formation…

… the right wing are more aggressive maintaing the attack columns

The Prussian forces start their fires …

… and continues to hammer French lines that absorb part of their shoots thanks from voltigeurs screen (as well as happened on the real field).

The Prussian cavalry starts his attack but even if they break the central French division it is too late.

… the Prussian infantry divisions leave the field and so Auerstädt remains another Napoleone’s victory.

I have to point out that also in the real battle Blucher's cavalry was been not able to break Davout’s men and so the Prussian commander was force to order the withdrawal. Below a Richard Knötel’s imagine that can witness very well what have been happened

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