martedì 11 settembre 2018

SAGA 2.0 – Battles August-September 2018

My club mates are continuing to fight each other using SAGA 2.0 to test the new Army lists. In the last months they played several battles and below there are some photos of their efforts.

Goths against Byzantines

Byzantine troops are painted by Riccardo, on contrary the Goths below are prepared by Ivano

Late Roman against Vikings

A detail of Giancarlo’s warriors …

… and another details of Riccardo Late Roman Empire soldiers

Another battle between Late Roman and Vikings and …

… another detail of Giancarlo’s Vikings

Riccardo adapted some warriors for pagan reigns

... so Aurelian decided to prepare a Teutonic force

Other two details … Ivano’s Goth

and a modified warlord with his warriors

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