giovedì 27 settembre 2018

The corner of the painter - Mongol and Longobard army for SAGA 2.0

One of the aspects that makes a wargame club a great initiative is that, in an association of this kind, you can find many people with great skills that allow you to do things that individually would not be possible. So in our association you can meet wargame authors, people who build magnificent scenarios or simple players with which to spend a few hours in joy.

But in all wargame associations it is important to find good painters … Aurelian Leclerc and Ivano are two of them … and two of the best.

In the last months Aurelian prepared a Mongol army for SAGA 2.0, and below there are some pictures of his miniatures

Every army has to have his warlord and the bodyguards and Aurelian painted them too

He completed the army with some archers on camels

To complete a picture of the group and …

… the army on the field

In the same period in which Aurelian painted his Mongols, Ivano prepared a Longobard army. Below some pictures of his cavalry in action and …

… the army equipped and ready for the battle

5 commenti:

  1. Awesome! Dynamic poses and wonderful painting, gorgeous camels and horses!

  2. Great looking army, who makes the camels and camel riders?

  3. Great stuff, Mark! The Mongols are superbly painted and the games look terrific. The camel troops are excellent as well.

    Hope you find more time for hobby activities.