mercoledì 28 luglio 2021

Japanese Samurai

One of my club mates, Antonio, is keen of Japanese Samurai and he painted a lot of miniatures so I took them some pictures the last time I went to my club.

Miniatures are all 28mm and made by Steel Fist and Perry Miniatures 

Below some samurai who fought during the Sengoku civil wars in the later sixteenth century. In particular some of the Elite Hatamoto characters. Some of them wield a nagamaki (a long handled sword) or a nodachi (a type on sword that was long handled and sometimes had a blade of five feet in lenght)

Another pictures of Tokugawa leyasu (1543-1616) with his bannermen holding nobori and his warriors. The miniature represents him during the battle of Sekigahara where he led the successful Eastern armies 

Samurai were perfect knights. One of the most costly armours they used was the Namban (with fur thigh guards) or the Niu-do (with scales on the thigh guards and arms) style armour

Samurai used particular bows as these Daikyu

After the Samurai warriors some Ashigaru bannermen, musicians and warrior made by Perry's twins 

Other Ashigaru arquebusier 

To close .. some Yari Ashigaru close to a river

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