sabato 26 gennaio 2019

Marsaglia battle - October 4, 1693

A couple of days I was talking to another member of my club about the different activities "La Piccola Armata" did in the last years so we started to see old photos. 

Photos of a scenario we prepared years ago to re-create the Marsaglia battle and watching them we realized that we have never insert them into a post so why not to do it now?

The Marsaglia Battle was part of the Nine years' War fought in Piedmont between the French army of Marshal Catinat and the army of the Grand Alliance lead by Amadeus II of Savoy


The French forces arrived from Susa valley and took up position in order of battle near the village of Marsaglia (a little town close to Turin) 


On October 4, the duke of Savoy attacked the French army with his whole army  but …. unfortunately ... the Great Alliance lost the battle

Miniatures are 15 mm and mainly painted by Marco G. (French and Savoy troops), Alberto (Spanish units) and Luca. A great work that I could not share even if it was prepared some years ago.

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