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Bolt Action - German vs Commonwealth May, 18 2019

Last week end we hosted in my wargame club (La Piccola Armata) a friends of mine that wanted to test Bolt Action 2.0.

Another of my club mates (Antonio) have prepared him a generic scenario with a German list against his Commonwealth units.

In my club we have ... I think ... all the armies of the World War II in 20mm but considering that it was a test match we decided to play it using the 28mm scale.
Riccardo (another club member) painted all the English miniatures while I painted the German units.

I have to point out that the German army list Antonio prepared for Fabio ... my friend that wanted to play ... included a motorbike with sidecar but I haven't this vehicle so Fabio used a kettlekrad.

Now a kind of battle report. The initial scenario

Antonio enters with his forces and …

… Fabio unleashes with an initial bombardment 

Two German paratroopers companies try to reach houses …

… with the sniper that cover them

Also Antonio advances with his men keeping the houses as protection

After some turns the situation is well explained in the pictures below

The Indian company starts a duel with a group of Germans

It enters also my kettlekrad :)

Fabio used is medium mortar to drive English troops out

… and he launches into the field a Panzer IV …

Antonio replies to him with his Sherman

But before why not an artillery barrage?

On the German right wing the combat is become a duel between tanks while on the centre companies of men fight

Final score is a Commonwealth victory

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