sabato 15 giugno 2019

Rebels and Patriots – 18/11 May and 8 June 2019

Ezio, Alberto and Ivano started a short campaign using the new rule system written by Osprey: “Rebels and Patriots”.

The rulebook is designed for American Independence War but they decided to use American Civil War miniatures. The idea is to start with a small group of inexperienced soldiers and a “regular” commander that can have development during the different scenarios they are going to play.

Ivano painted all the miniatures. The scale is 28mm 

The first scenario was a field battle

The second one  the conquest of a bridge

Last week-end Ezio and Ivano played a second scenario that was an assault to a Confederate fort

Ezio lead the Unionist zouaves that are trying to take the fort

After a stubborn resistance Ivano's Confederates are forced to move back so ...

... The Unionist troops enter into the fort

The final scene sees the remaining Confederate troops leave the camp while the Unionists pillage their resources

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