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Napoleone Bonaparte a Chivasso – May 25, 2019

On May 25, 2019 the local association, “Pro-Loco L’Agricola”, hosted my wargame club (La Piccola Armata) during an exhibition of Napoleonic original documents at Palazzo Rubatto in Chivasso.
The exhibition was part of the re-enactment event organized by the region Piedmont and the city of Chivasso (north west Italy) related to the Italian Napoleonic campaign.

At the events participated also the 111ème régiment d'infanterie de ligne that paraded through the streets of the town during the afternoon.

Picture dowloaded from "111ème régiment d'infanterie de ligne" Facebook page

Our role, as wargame club, was to prepare a table of Napoleonic miniatures and to help the visitors to understand better the documents exposed and the Napoleonic combat tactics.

I took pictures of the different documents exposed and I have to admit that some of them were very interesting so in this post I'll show some
For example, these letters are the original reports written by an Austrian officers during the battle of Marengo.

The display case below includes some miniatures (unfortunately not painted by me!) and the bullet of an English Brown Bess.

But this is a miniatures blog and so some pictures of my miniatures. Scale 28mm, manufacturers: Victrix and Perry painted by me

During the exhibition we had the possibility to speak with a lot of people sharing with them many information of Napoleonic period. A very interesting experience that I think that will see my club also in the next years.

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