venerdì 13 dicembre 2019

SAGA Age of Magic ... we ara coming!

After a very long break, in the last weeks I started to paint again fantasy miniatures.

I have a great number of old Warhammer and Mordeheim miniatures … I painted them years ago … I think 20 years ago… and my painting skills are a bit increased so I decided to paint them again …

The two humans are Mordeheim miniatures while the dwarf is part of a warhammer set for artillery … I modified a bit the standard bearer with the effect below

I prepared also two “special characters” equipped with black powder weapons ... the harquebus is a bit large but the effect is acceptable ... they are fantasy miniatures!

I had also some very old Bretonnian archers ... Their poses are too static in my opinion so I change some heads ... using a Fireforge plastic sprue ... and I decided to change the colors schemes

I have to finish the command group of the old metallic great swords but I painted again a group of them. I want point out that the beastmen in these photos are not painted by me but are Maurizio’s creatures

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