martedì 28 gennaio 2020

Scenic elements and Riccardo's Soviet army

All my club mates are working on scenic elements and army to be ready for the next Turin Bolt Action tournament that we will host on Feb 29, 2020

Below a new house prepared by Flavio and a boat painted by Riccardo

Some of my mates told me that in my posts I showed only German soldiers ... it is not the true! ... I have also other BA armies: an Italian one, an English one and a US  but I have to admit that I showed in my blog seldom Soviet soldiers ... so I cannot not to publish some pics of Riccardo's 28mm army

For first I post a photo one of his tanks ... he started only some months ago to use the airbrush but when a person is a good painter the results cannot be as in the pics below

To continue with some of his Siberian veterans ...

... and some of his marine troops

To complete this post with some regular troops

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