venerdì 21 febbraio 2020

Flames of war - Feb, 8 2020

One of things I appreciate more in my club is that my mates play different games every months ... I'm sure that in every wargames clubs there are some system rules that are most popular than other but to change sometimes is good for me. So this time Ezio and Riccardo decided for a match of Flames of war.

Miniatures are 15mm and they are painted by Riccardo (German forces) and Ezio (English troops and tanks).

As usual my post is not a battle report but only a way to share with other lovers of our hobby some pics

Below a photo of the battlefield …

… and some details of Ezio’s army

A battalion of Sherman and another one of M10 …

… ready to destroy a German tank group

To conclude … a German HQ completely surrounded by English troops

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