mercoledì 17 giugno 2020

La Piccola Armata doubles thanks to "Dadi e Piombo" number 73

In June we opened our club with all the precautions required but our group didn't stop to work during this long period of quarantine. 

I have to admit that we painted a lot of miniatures and scenic elements ... but some of us dedicated our time also to write articles related to our hobby. 

This month "Dadi e Piombo", one of Italian wargame magazine, published two articles written by me and my club mates
I know that it is in Italian but some one could interested to the articles.

One of the article is a battle report of a game we played time ago using Bolt Action in a Guadalcanal scenario. It was written by me and Ezio

Below two pictures included into the article with some of the fantastic miniatures painted by Ivano

The second article is related to the Roman legion and its organization from the Origins to the Punic wars. Paolo Montinario wrote it

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