sabato 5 marzo 2022

Modern warfare - March 2022

During a Milano Wargame ... a couple of years ago ... I bought some Caesar miniatures box. I painted some of them with a vegetated camouflage and wrote some posts. 

Last month I started to paint again some minis I had in the boxes and I had not prepared

This time I decided for a desertic uniform

In my opinion Caesar sculpting is very good. Poses are dinamic and well designed ... below some special ops in action

Some snipers and special weapon 

Caesar built also some drone teams ... they were included into German army box but the OTAN' uniforms are similar

I painted also some M2A3 Bradley and some M1 Abrams 

2 commenti:

  1. The painting and terrain are all fantastic and just gies to show what a great job a skilled painter can make of relatively cheap, soft plastic figures!